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Some call it a prime plot, others an architectural challenge. What they have in common is that properties of this urban significance have become rare.

On the busy Rudolfplatz in Cologne, a building complex has been created that characterises the cityscape and consists architecturally of two independent buildings. The Wallarkaden buildings and the »Haus am Rudolfplatz« are related to the Hahnentorburg monument, which further intensified the architectural challenge.
On the corner of Habsburgerring and Aachener Straße, there is a strong visual connection to the listed building, which was also important in terms of lighting and advertising on the heavily frequented building complex. The task was to attract attention without disturbing the urban harmony with garish illuminated
advertising.The construction partners involved developed a congenial idea.The window reveals of the »Haus am Rudolfplatz« are accentuated with LED lights from ADO Lights, a brand of TTC Timmler Technology.This emphasises the architecture that characterises the cityscape and at the same time ensures an eye-catching effect and architectural tidiness.

The building was designed by an architect of international standing. This emphasises the architecture that characterises the cityscape and at the same time ensures an eye-catching effect and architectural tidiness
The building was designed by an architect of international renown. Max Dudler stands for straightforward architecture that consists of only a few but very well thought-out details. His architecture is characterised by light and shadow, depths, edges and reliefs. A specially developed lighting solutiion from ADO Lights supports the formulation of these elements and thus the conceptual architecture of Max Dudler. The rationality of the simple façade design interacts with the vibrancy of the sculptural structure in an exciting way. A combination of brushed bricks for the pillars and cast stone elements for the lintel areas reflects the materials of the historic city gate.

The lighting technology was conceptualised in the development offices of ADO Lights. In close cooperation with the lighting designers at a·g Licht, a solution was developed that is perfectly matched to the »House am Rudolfplatz«. This involves the use of 133 stainless steel housings with frames, which were implanted in a concrete recess. A flush-mounted glass cover ensures a tidy appearance and minimises the
amount of cleaning required. A special feature is the individual adjustment of the beam angle to seven degrees, which prevents glare. This effect is supported by a laminated safety glass cover with passe-partout print to further reduce glare.

The planning department at ADO Lights implemented the customisation so that an optimum effect could be achieved on the property. In addition to efficiency, avoiding glare was the top priority. This applies to the outside view of the building – keyword: light pollution- But the light must also not be disturbing
for people inside the building.

The LED lighting units are dimmable, which further dupports the high efficiency. The result is a DGNB Gold certification, which is important from both an ecological and economic point of view. The gold certificate significantly increases the value of the building. Sustainable use of resources and significantly
reduced emissions were a prerequisite for all contractors involved in the construction. ADO Lights floor luminaires can also be found in open areas where the building structure is set back and floor spotlights emphasise the architectural form.

ADO Lights can also be found on the lift portals or in the form of pendant luminaires in offices. The striking office and commercial building on Rudolfplatz enphasises its iconic position at the historic western entrance to the city of Cologne with its clear structure, which is supported by innovative lighting. The gross floor area of 9189 m2 above ground and 3449 m2 below ground is shared by the tenants
from the catering, retail and finance sectors. The main tenant is a law firm on floors three to seven of the new eight-storey building. The innovative façade lighting guarantees the greatest possible attention-grabbing effect without garish iluuminated advertising.

Light Designer: a·g Licht, Cologne

Architect: Max Dudler, Berlin/Zurich

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology


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Haus am Rudolfplatz, Cologne

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