KRAFT.RAUM, Düsseldorf

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Kraft.Raum, the established office for landscape architecture and urban development. recently moved to Düsseldorf. For the creativity-promoting lighting concept at the new location, the LED-Around was chosen for the workplave luminaires.
The elegant free-standing luminaire is based on an energyefficient concept. It emits homogeneous light without glare, both downwards and upwards, whereby the brightness can be adjusted as desired thanks to infinitely variable dimming. Thanks to lateral light feed and light extraction via microprisms, the illuminated surface is almost transparent when switched off. All in all, the LED-Around with its minimalist design fits perfectly into this office, which is committed to sustainability and quality of stay for its projects, and contributes to a special working atmosphere. 

KRAFT.RAUM Landschaftsarchitektur und Stadtentwicklung, Düsseldorf
©Pictures: TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: Peter von Pigage

Photographer: TTC Timmler Technology

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