LVR Museum

| Bonn |

Completely in line. Even in bright light, the building attracts attention: the three-story wooden cuboid of the LVR Museum in Bonn is enclosed by a glass facade. Modern architecture that appears to be both clear and courageous. And then there is another highlight – in the truest sense of the word. Along the outside terrace, a slotted channel made of stainless steel has been installed, into which a 23-metre light line has been integrated. Function and form complement each other ideally: on the one hand by the discreet and high-quality drainage system, on the other hand by the opaque LED lighting, which illuminates the ambience in front of the gastronomic area along its greenery.

The slotted channel with its integrated light line is a new product of TTC Technology/ADO Lights. There is more behind it than just an aesthetic effect. The technology on which the light line is based fits into the museum’s renewed lighting concept: over a period of three years, old halogen lamps were gradually replaced by energy-efficient LEDs. Thanks to the longevity of LED luminaires, this measure means that over a period of 20 years more than 7000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be saved. The museum’s decision-makers were therefore awarded a certificate by the Federal Environment Ministry for “climate protection projects in social, cultural and public institutions”. Similarly, the light line that illuminates the planted perimeter of the outdoor terrace is fitted with LEDs. And the soft light emitted from these LED’s is a further plus for the extraordinary ambience. So looking at it is a pleasure even when it is already dark.

Landscape architect: Förder Landschaftsarchitekten

Photographer: Peter von Pigage

Photos: TTC Timmler Technology

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