LED Around Pendant luminaire

Light in all directions

Whether above work benches, desks, conference or dining tables, in production areas or at home: As a pendant luminaire LED Around provides homogeneous, pleasant illumination and is infinitely dimmable.


  • For offices, showrooms, hotels, laboratories, shop floors and private residences
  • Suitable for emergency lighting systems according to EN50172
  • Narrow light colour tolerances
  • optional: tunable white
  • Direct/indirect light extraction; optional direct light extraction wth reflector
  • Perfect homogeneous light spread
  • Glare-free
  • Steplessly dimmable and suitable to VDU workstations


LED Around Pendant luminaire

Dimensions [LxWxH]
Head [standard]: 1.210x200x20 mm
Head [long]: 1.830x200x20 mm
Head [extra-long]: 2.430x200x20 mm
Transformer casing: 190x140x40 mm
Power consumption
90 W | 135 W [long] | 180 W [extra-long]
Luminious flux
Module efficiency 110 lm/W
direct/indirect 4,342 lm/2,895 lm
At 100 % direct 7,237 lm
Nominal luminous flux 9,650 lm

Head [long]:
Module efficiency 110 lm/W
direct/indirect 6,534 lm/4,356 lm
At 100 % direct 10,890 lm
Nominal luminous flux 14,520 lm

Head [extra-long]:
Module efficiency 110 lm/W
direct/indirect 8,710 lm/5,810 lm
At 100 % direct 14,520 lm
Nominal luminous flux 19,360 lm
Operation voltage
Low voltage to 48V DC
Service life
LED 50,000 hours at 70% of mean luminous flux
Colour temperature
White | 3,000/4,000 Kelvin
Color rendering index
CRI > 90
Narrow colour tolerance MacAdam Step 3
UGR < 19 | L65 < 1.500 cd/m² according to EN12464–1:2011
Control interface
DALI DEVICE Typ 6, DSI, switch DIM with memory function, corridorFUNCTION
IP Rating

Luminare housing
Aluminium nature
Other colours upon request
Stainless steel cable and translucent supply line
Overload protection
Overtemperature protection
Short-circuit protection
Dimming adjustable for DC-mode
Suitable for emergency lighting systems according to EN50172
Reflector for 100% Light spread downward
3.3 kg
Light calculation
see Downloads, Light calculation EULUM


Product and project pictures as downloads